Episode #13 – Dave Butler, Co-CEO at Dimensional Fund Advisors

Episode #13 - Dave Butler, Co-CEO at Dimensional Fund Advisors

As Co-CEO of Dimensional Fund Advisors, Dave Butler leads one of the largest mutual fund companies in the world. He and his colleagues have been wildly successful taking DFA from $9 billion in assets in 1995 to over $650billion today. Dave’s career started as a professional basketball player and turned into a career in wealth management, quite literally overnight. At DFA, Dave has influenced the business health and growth for thousands of financial advisors. Dave tells us how he got into this business, the lessons he’s learned from Nobel Prize winners and famous economists like Myron Scholes and Gene Fama, and how the holistic wealth management trend marries well with the DFA approach. You’ll also learn how Dave is guiding his firm through the advice industry’s growing affection for ETFs. All this and more on this 13th episode of Can You Hold My Attention?

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