Episode 1 – Calculated Risks and New Ideas: Leadership Lessons from Bill Cashel

Bill Cashel Show

Bill Cashel, co-founder and head of business development for Privacore Capital, shares his career journey and insights into the financial services industry. He discusses his background, early years, and how he discovered his interest in finance. Bill also talks about his transition from wealth advisory to distribution and his experience at AQR. He expresses his optimism for the future of financial services and the private strategies business. Finally, he explains the mission of Privacore and its role in bridging the gap between top-tier GP firms and the private wealth channel.


  • Bill Cashel’s career in the financial services industry has been marked by success at every level.
  • He emphasizes the importance of taking calculated risks and being open to new ideas in leadership.
  • Bill is bullish on the future of financial services, particularly in the private strategies business.
  • Privacore Capital aims to solve the issue of expanding top-tier GP firms into the private wealth channel.


  • 00:00 Introduction and Background
  • 03:27 Career Progression and Path
  • 08:16 Transition to Distribution
  • 13:54 Joining AQR
  • 16:00 Bullish on Financial Services
  • 25:22 Private Strategies Business
  • 35:11 Leadership Style
  • 37:02 Privacore Story

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