Ep 03 – The Intersection of Consulting, Data, and Distribution with Lee Kowarski

Hunter Podcast 3

In this conversation, Steven Clark interviews Lee Kowarski, head of distribution solutions at SS&C Technologies. They discuss Lee’s background, his journey in the financial services industry, and the challenges and opportunities in the industry. They also touch on topics such as the evolution of consulting firms, the impact of data and artificial intelligence, and the future of the financial services space. Lee shares his insights on leadership, the mutual fund industry, and the importance of being adaptable and innovative in a changing landscape.


  • The financial services industry is facing challenges such as margin compression and fee compression, but it is still an exciting space with opportunities for growth and innovation.
  • Leaders in the industry need to be strategic and adaptable, embracing data, technology, and artificial intelligence to drive their businesses forward.
  • The mutual fund industry is experiencing pressure as assets move to other investment vehicles, but there will always be a mix of products and opportunities for growth.
  • The James Beard Foundation and Rethink Food are organizations that Lee Kowarski supports, as they work to support and uplift the restaurant industry and address food insecurity.
  • Lee Kowarski emphasizes the importance of building and leading a strong team, and takes pride in the impact he has had on the careers of his team members.


  • 00:00 Introduction and Background
  • 08:18 Starting and Selling a Business
  • 14:21 The Changing Landscape of Consulting Firms
  • 23:32 Predicting Future Themes and Developments
  • 28:15 Lightning Round

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